Fellowship & Events

Our Deacon / Congregational Life committee is dedicated to providing fun and exciting social activities within the life of our church. Activities include movie and game nights, karaoke nights, trips to Angels games, regional day trips and so much more. They are supported by our long-term groups: Flagship, Windjammers and Women Connected, who together provide activities for all ages of adults. Contact the church office for more information.

Forthcoming Events: 
Orange Presbyterian Preschool Back to School Night
Thursday  |  September 21st  |  6:15 pm  |  McAulay Hall
Families are invited to our annual back to school event for some key information about the coming school year.
Communion Workshop for Families
Sunday  |  September 24th  |  11:20 am  |  Sanctuary
Join us after 10:00 am Worship for a Communion Workshop for children, youth and parents. We’ll be gathering to learn more about the Lord’s Supper and prepare kids to participate in World Communion Sunday on October 1st. All ages are welcome to be a part of this special time for families in our church. If you know a family who might like to join us please free to spread the word.
Wednesday  |  September 27th  |  1:00-4:00 pm  |  E101
Join your fellow gamers for fun, dessert and refreshments. $2. Friends, neighbors and relatives welcome!
Book Club
Wednesday  |  September 27th  |  11:30 am  |  E107
This month we are reading and discussing Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander: “Near-death experiences, or NDEs, are controversial. Thousands of people have had them, but many in the scientific community have argued that they are impossible. Dr. Eben Alexander was one of those people. Alexander’s recovery from an extremely rare illness is by all accounts a medical miracle. But the real miracle of his story lies elsewhere. While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met the Divine source of the universe itself. This story sounds like the wild and wonderful imaginings of a skilled fantasy writer. But it is not fantasy. Before Alexander underwent his journey, he could not reconcile his knowledge of neuroscience with any belief in heaven, God, or the soul. That difficulty with belief created an empty space that no professional triumph could erase. Today he is a doctor who believes that true health can be achieved only when we realize that God and the soul are real and that death is not the end of personal existence but only a transition.” Bring a sack lunch and join us for an engaging discussion of this book. Contact Lynda Stewart: 714 639 5076.
Boys & Girls Club Film Screening

Friday  |  September 29th  |  7:30 pm  |  McAulay Hall
The Boys & Girls Club invite you all to attend a free screening of a special film project that has been created in partnership with a world renowned photographer and costume designer, and starring children from BGC.
Women Connected General Meeting
Saturday  |  September 30th  |  10:00 am  |  McAulay Hall
Women Connected invites all women at FPCO to our General Meeting. The program, Taking Care, will be presented by our own Amy Wilson. Amy’s years as a health care professional and a personal caregiver have taught her the importance of taking care of others, as well as yourself. She knows the ins and outs of both the business and legal end of “taking care” and will tell us, so we can be ready with the right documents, when the “what if…” happens. She’ll share some tips and techniques to make your home a healthier place, too. Please join us for fellowship and for this important presentation. Bring a friend!